We are all excited to buy the string light to decorate our home. We seek out the new and the brilliant ones. But when it comes to putting those up, it is always the same old boring way.

With a little imagination you can turn your home into a scintillating spot. If your wires are short, do not worry. Keep a few wire extension cords in hand – these are always useful to have around.

Here are some of the best ideas to jazz up your Diwali and Christmas or any other special day.

  • Decorating mirrors gives you double the light. The string light reflection gives the effect of having more glow into the room. Plus it looks magical.

string light ideas

  • Do not miss to decorate your verandas and outdoors. You can wind the lights around a pillar or a bamboo pole or a ladder – anything. Use your imagination.

string light decor ideas

  • Make your own chandelier in 5-minutes.

string light decoration ideas

  • Buy a few of the golden stars that you would get in a décor store. Attach on top of the bulbs. Make sure to buy stars of a lighter colour. Also what is the colour of your string light? Use the same colour stars if possible.

string light DIY

  • Try the firefly in a jar effect. It is simple to and quick to assemble. Just get one of those old glass jars. Clean it up so that it sparkles. Set it on the floor or on a table. You can place the strings either in a coil or simply like that. Pass the wire such that it remains hidden from view.

string light DIY india

  • If you do not have a clear jar, do not worry. Any bottle will do. Make sure it is clean and absolutely dry.

string light DIY bachelor

  • It is easy to wound the strings into a shape. Make it a moon or a guitar. Use transparent cello tape to hold it in place. Make sure you use the wider tapes so that it stays well.

string light beautiful ways

  • If your string light is LED (others heat up more), you can try with ping pong balls. Make a tiny incision and insert one LED light gently.

string light balls

The balls are very light and if you make the cut right, the lights will hold very easily. It is  very simple and budget-friendly way to get awesome lights.

string light make at home

You can also decorate the ping pong balls beforehand. If you feel you are not an artist, just use a sketch pen or marker to make smiley faces. For the more artistic ones, you can paint it. Or wrap it with colour paper or tape. The sky is the limit. Have fun!

string light for diwali

Image credits: britcdn.com, media1.popsugar-assets.com, godfatherstyle.com, Styletic, minimalisti.com, Pinterest, heyletsmakestuff.com, sayyes.com