Have you ever bargained in a shop complaining that it is a bit too expensive? It is pretty commonplace in the market to ask for a fair price. But there are some things and places where cost does not matter.

Strangely enough, there are some stuff in this world too that are outrageously overpriced beyond any logic. Of course, these stuffs are meant for the opulent who need to buy something ‘different’. But if you see it with common sense, you would scratch your heads wondering the use of it.

Here are seven of the things that are the world’s most expensive. Are these useless? You tell us.

#1 Most Expensive Sweet
How much money would you think of spending for a box of sweet or dessert or chocolate? Try the Le Chocolat Box. It costs USD 1.5 million (Rs. 9, 72, 62, 850), only.

most expensive chocolate
Le Chocolat is a specialist chocolate maker from Paris and it sells the most exquisite and expensive chocolate creations in the chocolate universe.
This Le Chocolat Box was a special edition creation. Its box consisted of necklace, earring and ring studded with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. And of course there is chocolate which you can eat. Ask your boyfriend to gift this on Valentine’s day.

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#2 Leggings

most expensive leggings

Women wear leggings and these may cost somewhere between Rs. 100 to Rs. 400. More fanciful options may cost more but imagine wearing gold leggings worth USD 100,000 (Rs. 64, 87,110). Actually these are not golden, but gold leggings. Renowned popstar Beyonce performed in these flashy Balenciaga gold leggings in 2007 BET Awards.

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#3 Smart Phone

most expensive smart phone mobile

Buying an iPhone to show off? Try this Diamond Crypto smart phone. Created by Peter Aloisson, this phone is made of platinum and gold. If that is not enough for you, all the navigation buttons are made of gemstones with along with decoration at the front and back. Cost? It is only USD 1.3 million (Rs. 8, 43, 32, 430).

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#4 Ticket for hat

most expensive

What do you do when you forget your hat? A lot might get a new one or forget about the one at home, but apparently that is not what U2’s Bono did. The legendary singer-musician Bono had once forgotten his hat while he was in Italy. To bring his hat to him, he bought a first class air ticket but the flight crew gave it a more secure place in the captain’s cockpit, and then a chauffeur especially picked and delivered the hat. It cost about $1700 (Rs. 1, 10, 280) for the air ticket of the hat. And all this was to raise funds in a concert.

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#5 Pizza
Have you ever tried Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in New York? They make a special pizza with five different kinds of caviar and lobsters and wasabi. It costs $125 (Rs. 8,100) a slice.

most expensive pizza

But we have the best one for you. One small pizza will cost you USD 12,000 (Rs. 7, 78,453). It is created by master chef Renato Viola and it takes 72 hours to only make its dough. Even the salt is special – it is the Australian Murray River Pink apricot salt.

Being the world’s most expensive pizza, it is aptly named as Louis XIII. It is a limited edition pizza, so you just will not get it anytime, in case you were planning to have one.

#6 Bathtub
How many hours do you spend in the bathroom? If you buy this bathtub, you should probably spend all day!

most expensive bath tub gold
This is Mike Tyson’s gold bathtub. It is fully made of gold and it is valued at only USD 2.3 million (Rs. 14, 92, 03,530). Of course, do not forget to keep your bathroom locked at all times.

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#7 Tea Bag
Is this the most useless item of all?
most expensive tea bag
This is a tea bag, first of all. It is also a diamond tea bag, which is fitted 280 diamonds. It costs USD 14,000 (Rs. 9, 08,195) and it will make you one cup of tea in your lifetime – and hopefully – a good cup of tea.

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