Planet Earth is full of natural marvels that leave us amazed. Here are the world’s most mysterious lakes that leave both tourists and scientists in awe.

Some of these remain open for the public to enjoy while some have limited or no access for safety reasons.  But there are some too baffling to be true. Have a look.

#1 Lake Natron, Tanzania


People call it the deadliest lake in the world. It turns living beings to stone. While this sounds too fictional, it is quite true. Lake Natron, like the Dead Sea, is a water body with extremely high concentrations of salt and minerals that makes almost impossible for life to exist except a few species. Birds which dive for fish sometimes get trapped in the heavy water, ad when the lake dries up all that remains is a naturally preserved stone mummified body.

Needless to say, locals avoid Lake Natron as its water is not safe for contact on human skin. As if this caustic lake was not creepy enough, Lake Natron has crimson coloured waters due to its minerals. This truly is one of the world’s most mysterious lakes.

However, in spite of all things wrong, Lake Natron is a breeding ground for flamingoes. When these beautiful birds gather in thousands, it definitely is a sight to behold.

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#2 Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal is the deepest and biggest lake in the world. It is thought to be the most ancient freshwater body still found. The waters are one of the clearest and purest anywhere in the world. It is so big that it is often confused as a sea and it has its own range of flora and fauna.


But Lake Baikal is also home to many mysteries. Locals have believed that for hundreds of years this has been home to mysterious mermaid like creatures. Many fishermen have claimed to see these anthropomorphic creatures with appendage of gills and fins. Many locals have also seen artificial lights and flying objects flying speedily up from the depths of the lake into the sky.

Research has been carried out several times by the scientists as well as the military but no confirmation or denial has been clearly stated.

#3 Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness – home of the most well-known sea monster in the world, Nessie and one of the world’s most mysterious lakes.



Loch Ness in Scotland is a huge and picturesque lake surrounded by mountains and caverns. While many visit the lake to take a peaceful ride and enjoy the natural beauty, most of them secretly wish for a glimpse of the mythical monster. Called Nessie, accounts of it being seen have lasted for hundreds of years. Some have also tried to photograph or detect the creature by sonar but most attempts have been futile. Yet when you stand beside Loch Ness, you cannot shake off the theory that maybe Nessie could be one of the last remaining prehistoric creatures that somehow survived till date.

#4 Roopkund, India

The Roopkund Lake is also called the infamous Skeletons Lake of Uttarakhand. Situated high in the Himalayas at more than 16,400 feet, this lake is like a graveyard full of human skeletons. Surrounded by pristine Himalayan beauty, this harsh site hits one like a bolt. It is said that about 200 to 600 skeletons have been discovered in and around the lake.

There have been attempts to explain the remains. Samples have been taken from the lake to state-of-the-art labs. DNA sample have revealed that the skeletons belong to three different ethnicities.  Till date, there have been a few hypotheses but no conclusions.

#5 Lake Hillier, Australia

We have all seen gorgeous blue lakes but the beautiful Lake Hillier is all bubblegum pink! This is a highly saline lake but that is not the reason for this unusual colour.


Scientists guess that the water gets this mysterious pink hue from the presence of specific microorganisms that are found in its waters. While this is truly one of the world’s most mysterious lakes, locals have used this opportunity to attract tourists and harvest salt from this lake.

#6 Dead Lake, Kazakhstan

Much like the Dead Sea, the Dead or Kaindy Lake of Kazakhstan is a hauntingly beautiful lake with unanswered questions.


The first thing that will strike you in Lake Kaindy is its bizarre look. The forest and the lake overlaps. The Dead Lake came to place due a landslide when somehow a forest full of trees became a lake. Spruce trees remain submerged in the waters and if you take a ride, one can see the whole forest below. Branches of dead trees have turned into long needle like formations making Lake Kaindy one of the world’s most mysterious lakes to look at.

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#7 Lake Tahoe, United States

Lake Tahoe is a very popular destination for tourism and sports. Yet it is also reputedly deadly.


Lake Tahoe is very deep and its waters are deadly cold with harmlessly warm surface water. At one time, it had become a dumping place of dead bodies by the mafia. But what makes this one of the world’s most mysterious lakes is the presence of a cryptid creature.

This huge lake is said to be home to a mysterious monster. Spotted by many locals and tourists, it has been named Tessie at par with the Loch Ness’s Nessie.

#8 Boiling Lake, Dominica


Does a Boiling Lake in the Valley of Desolation sounds scary enough? This lake is basically an opening in the earth’s crust that is surrounded by the clouds of vapour. The clear water of the lake is heated by the magma below turning it into a natural cauldron. Surrounding this daunting sight is the breathtaking sea and the islands.

The Boiling Lake is nearly 200 feet wide which took 200 million years to shape. Sitting on volcanic landscapes and magma below it, it is truly one of kind spot to see. Strangely in spite of its harsh scalding environment, it is home to a few species that have made this place their comfortable home.

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#9 Blue Lake, Russia

The Blue Lake of Russia is also known as the dreaded bottomless lake. The Blue Lakes are a group of five lakes nestled in the Caucasus Mountains. The Lower Blue Lake is said to hold a mystery so deep within that it is extremely difficult to find out the truth.

In the cold harsh climates of Russian winters where the land and water gets covered with ice, Blue Lake never freezes. In fact its temperature never changes, be it summer or winter – maintaining about 9.3 degree all through the year.


In spite of this, locals never venture to swim or fish here. The lake is rumoured to be bottomless, and research has found that it is at least 915 feet deep if not more. Its super depth is surmised to be the reason for its even temperature. But that’s not all. The lake has a large inlet of water from the bottom which makes the water flow out into a small river.

However, there are no fishes or much life in the lake except for a few species. This beautiful blue coloured lake has high concentration of hydrogen sulphide which makes it unsuitable for life and gives off a stench.

The locals believe that the Blue Lake is home to a legendary dragon which has been here for centuries.  Be it such strange geological factors or something strange down there, this bottomless pit is surely one of the world’s most mysterious lakes.

#10 Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Lake Maracaibo is the place that is electrifying, literally. It is that unexplained place on earth where lightning never stops.


Lake Maracaibo is a brackish lake in Venezuela, although it is often called a lagoon. It connects to the Gulf of Venezuela and is home to many rivers draining into it. The River Catatumbo is the largest river and after the waters meet the lake it becomes a spectacular show. The lake has thousands of lightning strikes every hour. So much so that this event has been famously called as the Catatumbo lightning and the ‘everlasting storm’. True to its name, it carries on throughout the day and night.

Scientists say that the unique topography, high petroleum content in the lake area, air flow, moisture, temperature are all factors for making this lightning show on Lake Maracaibo. With the highest number of lightning strikes per square kilometer on earth, this is definitely one of the world’s most mysterious lakes.

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