The ocean is full of gorgeously colourful fish. Fortunately we do not have to dive to the bottom of the Indian Ocean to experience it. We can have a little ocean at our home called the aquarium.

Here are the most astonishing and colourful fish that will make your ocean in a box a watery paradise.

Regal tang
Found in the wild in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Regal tang is a beautifully colourful fish that you can kept in the aquarium. This fish grows up to 12 inches long if it is well cared for.

colourful fish aquarium regal tang


You can call it the lead fish of Hollywood. They are very popular among the aquarium keepers. But clown fish needs brackish water to survive so make sure you do not mix it up with your freshwater ones.

colourful fish aquarium clown


Originally from the Amazon River, the discus fish comes in many colour variations. This makes it a favourite in the list of colourful fish for your aquarium. Plus it is an easy fish to keep.

colourful fish aquarium discus


Popularly known as the Siamese fighter fish. Betta is aone of the most gorgeous and colourful fish you can ever get your hands on. But they are very aggressive, so you can keep only one of its species. With other fishes, you need to keep an eye as they tend to attack and bite the smaller fish.

colourful fish aquarium betta

Kissing Gourami

The gourami is a freshwater fish which comes from the seas around the Indian subcontinent.

colourful fish aquarium gourami

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Peacock Cichlid
Among the cichlids, the peacock cichlids are the most dazzling and colourful fish.

colourful fish aquarium peacock cichlid

Moorish Idol

Here is a chance to have one of those fish that you see in TV grazing the coral reefs. Found in wild in the waters of the Indo-Pacific.

colourful fish aquarium moorish idol

Candy Basslet

Candy Basslet is an amazingly gorgeous fish from the Atlantic Ocean. Each fish will cost you around USD 1000.

colourful fish aquarium candy basslet

Flowerhorn Cichlid

Makes wonderful ornamental fish for your aquarium. But these colourful fish are manmade hybrids and therefore do not exist in the wild.

colourful fish aquarium flowerhorn

Trigger Fish

These colourful fish are generally aggressive. These are originally found in the Indo- Pacific waters.

colourful fish aquarium triggerfish


Mandarinfish is a popular saltwater aquarium fish. These highly colourful fish are found in nature in the Pacific Ocean.

colourful fish aquarium mandarin-fish

Blueface Angelfish

Also known as the Blueface, Yellowface, or Yellowmask Angelfish, these are very attractive fish from the corals reefs of the Pacific.

colourful fish aquarium blueface-angelfish

Lyretail Anthias

This is probably the most colourful fish for your aquarium. Anthias make great aquarium pets.

colourful fish aquarium anthias

Flame Angel

These fish are full of the orange, blue and yellow colours. Looks stunning in aquarium but these also need some attention and proper care.

colourful fish aquarium flame-angel-fish

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish

This is a fish definitely for the connoisseurs. Not only is it a rarer fish but a single fish may cost you around USD 3000!

colourful fish aquarium wrought-iron-butterflyfish

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Pseudanthias Taeniatus

Another coral reef fish for your little ocean. Naturally found in the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

colourful fish aquarium pseudoanthias

Rainbow Parrot Fish

This Atlantic fish is truly your own piece of rainbow. Check before you decide to keep this colourful fish, you may need a bigger aquarium. Some of these live till 16 years and grow up to 3-4 feet long.

colourful fish aquarium rainbow-parrot-fish

Lion fish

A lionfish is a marvellous saltwater fish which adapts quite well in an aquarium. Lionfish needs live food and they hunt with their spiked fins. They have venom in their spikes and although it does not kill humans, it can cause pain and nausea requiring medical treatment.

colourful fish aquarium lionfish


Basslets are very beautiful and colourful fish. These are saltwater fish and make great aquarium additions.

colourful fish aquarium candy basslet

Mantis Shrimp

Here is something more than just a colourful fish for your aquarium. This gorgeous creature has 16 colours on its body!
It grows to a length of 12 inches and you have to be careful. It can give you painful blows if handled wrongly and it has also been known to break the aquarium glass!

colourful fish aquarium mantis shrimp

Bonus creature : Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray

A creature like this and that is all you would need for a tropical underwater paradise. Polka Dot Stingrays grow up to 18 inches in diameter. These are found in the river basins of Brazil. The only problem is that it costs USD 100,000 or around Rs. 70,00,000!

colourful fish aquarium polka-dot-stingray

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