Best Places To Stay At Ranthambore National Park And Enjoy The Safari

Ranthambore is the home of Machli T-16, the Lady of the lake - the most famous and photographed tigress of the world. Today she...

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Use These Big Words To Sound Sophisticated

Big words can be powerful in a conversation. You can express yourself better, sound smart and professional. Here is a list of such words...

NEET 2020 – Check the GO & LR Outcomes, and Closing Ranks of Top Medical Colleges here.

NEET 2020 cutoff and results are now released by NTA (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) on it’s official website. Qualified students who have taken...



Fatma Begum – First Female Director of Indian Cinema

Nowadays we talk about participation of women in every field. Most people are aware of the contemporary female directors that exist in the country...

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Six Plants That Grow Without Any Care

Some plants are so easy to maintain that even a child could do so. These are the plants that grow without any care. All...


These Are Planet Earth’s 20 Most Beautiful Birds

Birds are one of the most beautiful creations of Mother Nature. We are lucky to live on planet earth that is home to birds...

World’s Most Mysterious lakes that leave us baffled

Planet Earth is full of natural marvels that leave us amazed. Here are the world’s most mysterious lakes that leave both tourists and scientists...

Can You Crack The Code Of Son Bhandar Caves To Find Bimbisara’s Hidden Treasure?

'Open sesame' (khul ja sim sim) were the magic words that led Ali Baba into the cave of the forty thieves - and us...

111 Facts About Animals That Will Flabbergast You

We live in an amazing world with full of wonderful wildlife around us. As you come to know more about the animals, birds and...

Cryptid Creatures Of India – Truth Or Fiction?

All around the globe and even in India, there have accidental sightings of creatures that science does not know about. Some sightings are merely...
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Half Samosa speaks to farmer entrepreneur Sathish, CEO of SalemMango, an enterprise that is connecting farmers' fresh supply to consumers directly with care and wisdom. In...

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